The Benefits of Open-Concept Floor Plans | Oberer Homes (2024)

Open-concept floor plans are incredibly popular, with 51.2% of homeowners choosing them in recent years. What makes this design so appealing?

The open-concept house has a lot to offer, making it attractive to many kinds of homeowners: retirees, empty nesters, and parents, to name a few. Take a look at what experts say about the related benefits and design capabilities to determine if it’s right for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • An open floor plan offers convenience when communicating with someone in another room, hosting a large gathering, and multitasking while watching your kids.
  • Open sight lines allow more natural light into homes and increase visual appeal.
  • Open-concept homes feel larger and offer greater flexibility of space.
  • Decor is an excellent way to differentiate areas of an open-concept home without creating physical barriers.

Benefits of Open Concept Floor Plans

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One of the biggest draws of open-concept floor plans is the convenience. Say you’re hosting a party with too many guests to fit in the kitchen. An open floor plan ensures everyone can see each other, whether in the living room, dining room, or kitchen.

This convenience extends to everyday life. For example, parents can more easily watch kids as they prepare dinner; spouses can communicate as they do chores in different rooms.

Open designs also give you greater access to your favorite media. In a house with clearly defined walls, you need a TV in each room, an option that can get expensive. Without barriers in the way, several people can watch the same screen from multiple rooms. A swivel mount makes this even easier, as you can adjust the angle to give everyone a good view.

Of course, convenience isn’t the only reason to choose an open-concept Bellbrook home. Depending on the layout, you can also count on aesthetic and monetary benefits.

Open Sight Lines Allowing in More Light

Unobstructed sight lines are a hallmark of open-concept floor plans and are usually the first thing potential buyers notice when they step into the space. A sight line is what you can see from a particular point inside a structure; homebuilders use them to create thoughtful visual access, maximizing comfort and convenience.

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One benefit to this approach is an abundance of natural light. In addition to illuminating a space, natural light can improve your health, offering:

  • Better sleep
  • More consistent circadian rhythms
  • Improved mental function and energy levels
  • Increased happiness and decreased anxiety
  • Enhanced immune response and blood pressure readings

Natural light can also save you money on energy bills. Pair skylights with open concept floor plans, and you have well-lit Washington Township houses that don’t rely on as much electricity. Glass doors are another excellent way to let in light, as the open sight lines can provide illumination for several rooms at once.

Sunlight is also a great way to warm your house. While you’ll still need to run your furnace when temperatures drop significantly, opening the curtains on a chilly day can make your home more comfortable, allowing you to delay turning on the heater.

For all of these reasons, homebuyers find properties with lots of natural light attractive. As a result, these houses usually have a higher property value and may be easier to sell when the time comes.

Larger Space

Even small homes can feel bigger with open concept floor plans. Vaulted ceilings and long lines of sight create the illusion of more space. Natural light also makes for an airy atmosphere that contributes to this feeling.

Additionally, the lack of physical room boundaries allows homeowners to optimize their use of the spaces. For example, a living room can become a playroom, office, or hosting area with the right design.

One way to utilize your open-concept living space is to choose flexible furniture. For example, if you want to work in your living room, you can install shelves that fold down into a desk or table, providing a comfortable temporary workspace without creating more clutter. Furniture that doubles as storage is another excellent way to keep your Centerville home feeling spacious; hollow ottomans, benches, and sofas are popular options.

Finally, open concept floor plans promote uninterrupted traffic flow. Narrow hallways and multiple doors can impede residents’ access to different areas of the home, making the space less functional for hosting large groups or individuals with mobility issues. Open space means fewer bottlenecks.

Design Ideas for Your Open-Concept Home

Decor is the key to making your house work for you. As a result, you should start with your family’s needs and how the open concept factors into them. For example, the lack of walls can make your living space feel amorphous, as there’s no clear separation between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. You can counter this by varying the wall color or laying down rugs to create a visual divide without interfering with the openness of the floor plan.

Do you want more privacy without putting up permanent barriers? Privacy screens are a perfect solution. These come in a variety of styles and fold for easy storage. For a more permanent solution that doesn’t disrupt cohesion, consider a strategically placed open-back bookshelf.

While differentiating space is important to improving function, your Sugarcreek Township home should still feel cohesive. A subtle way to do this is by incorporating a single element in multiple rooms:

  • Paint all accents white.
  • Install wood flooring throughout.
  • Choose stainless steel fixtures.

Lighting is an excellent way to both differentiate space and tie everything together; illuminating specific areas can identify where one room ends and another starts, while consistent fixture materials make your home feel well-planned. Not to mention, the right lighting can make any space easier to use and even boost your property value.

Homes With Open Concept Floor Plans in Dayton, OH

Are you ready to find your new home? Oberer Homes builds custom houses in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding area. With over 70 years of experience, our professionals can design and create the house you’ve been dreaming of. You can look at the available open-concept floor plans online or call 937-531-5505 to speak to a representative about your options.

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The Benefits of Open-Concept Floor Plans | Oberer Homes (2024)


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