Meet Skai Jackson Mom: Kiya Cole - The Woman Behind The Success (2024)

Have you ever wondered who helps make stars shine brightly? Behind every successful young actor, there’s often a support system pushing them toward greatness. Skai Jackson, known for playing Zuri Ross on Disney Channel shows like “Jessie” and “Bunk’d,” is no exception. What is the force behind this starlet? Her mom, Kiya Cole. Kiya isn’t just any parent; she’s an Instagram celebrity and the backbone of Skai’s career.

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Kiya has been guiding Skai since she was a baby, turning her daughter into a household name with roles in hit TV series and even voice acting as Riri Williams. But how does she do it? This blog will dive into the dedication, love, and strategy Kiya puts into being the best mom-manager around. Ready to learn from a mastermind parent in showbiz? Keep reading.


Kiya Cole is the powerhouse mom behind Disney actress Skai Jackson. She’s not just a parent but also an Instagram celebrity and TV personality, with many people following her online.

Kiya shares her life, including workout routines and moments with Skai, on social media for all to see. Her parenting advice? Support your kids’ dreams, set healthy limits, protect their privacy, and always be the example they can look up to.

Jacob Jackson plays a quiet role in his daughter’s life, often staying out of the spotlight. Yet, Skai makes sure he’s not forgotten by sharing about him on her social platforms from time to time.

It’s clear that both parents have had a significant hand in guiding Skai towards success in Hollywood – especially through roles like Zuri Ross on Disney Channel hits “Jessie” and “Bunk’d.”.

Kiya Cole: A Brief Profile

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Kiya Cole, born in Staten Island, New York, moved her life to Los Angeles, California. She worked hard and became known on social media, sharing her life as a mom.

Early Life and Career

Kiya Cole grew up in New York and went to school there. She studied hard and made it into Elite college, also in New York City. Her early days were full of learning and preparing for a bright future.

She didn’t stop at just getting an education. Kiya stepped into the world of social media and quickly became known on Instagram. Here, she shared her fitness routines and modeling shots that caught people’s eyes.

After her schooling, Kiya turned her focus towards entrepreneurship. With a knack for business, she launched her own website. This site wasn’t just any ordinary page; it offered a wide range of products, from denim jackets to shoes.

Her unique sense of style and dedication to quality helped set her apart in Los Angeles’ competitive market. From Staten Island to Los Angeles, California, Kiya’s journey wasn’t just about moving places but growing as a person and professional.

Relationship with Skai Jackson

Skai Jackson’s mom, Kiya Cole, has been her manager since she was just nine months old. This unique position makes their bond stronger than most. She made sure Skai never had to stress about everyday life and could focus on acting instead.

Her dedication shows in every step of Skai’s journey.

Kiya’s support allows me to chase my dreams.

Kiya keeps the spotlight on Skai while rarely mentioning Jacob Jackson, Skai’s father. As a solo guardian, Kiya ensures her daughter shines in Hollywood without any distractions or difficulties from home life.

Their relationship isn’t just mother-daughter; it’s a powerful team conquering social media and the acting world together.

The Role of Kiya Cole in Skai Jackson’s Success

Kiya Cole played a big part in her daughter Skai’s rise to fame. She not only encouraged Skai but also gave her the support she needed to shine as an actress.

Parenting Style and Influence

From the start, managing Skai Jackson’s career was a big part of Kiya Cole’s life. She started when Skai was just nine months old. This shows her dedication and how hands-on she was in shaping her daughter’s journey to stardom.

Her approach combines love with strategic guidance, making sure Skai always felt supported both emotionally and professionally. This blend of care and direction helped Skai stay focused on her goals without feeling overwhelmed by the challenges that come with being young and famous.

Kiya made sure her home was a place where Skai could grow without worrying about day-to-day chores or problems. This solid foundation allowed Skai to explore her talents fully, knowing she had a safe space to return to.

Kiya’s method teaches us something important: success doesn’t just come from hard work; it also needs support from family members who believe in you unconditionally. Through this supportive environment, Kiya played a crucial role in helping build not only a successful actress but also a confident person who knows the value of having strong roots.

Support and Encouragement

Kiya Cole’s parenting style laid a strong foundation for Skai Jackson. Beyond just being a mom, Kiya became the main force driving Skai towards her dreams in acting. She managed her daughter’s career from when Skai was only nine months old.

This shows how early she believed in her daughter’s potential and dedicated herself to nurturing it.

Kiya provided constant encouragement, love, and guidance. She made sure Skai always felt supported, no matter what challenges came their way. This close relationship helped Skai trust in her own abilities and strive for success in the competitive field of acting.

My mom is my biggest supporter. -Skai Jackson

Kiya didn’t just offer emotional support; she also took on the practical side of things like managing schedules and making important decisions. This mix of love and hands-on help played a huge role in making Skai Jackson the star actress she is today.

Insights into Kiya Cole’s Personal Life

Kiya Cole is more than just Skai Jackson’s mom; she’s a force of her own. She has faced both love and challenges head-on, showing us what resilience looks like.

Marriage and Family

Kiya Cole was once married to Jacob Jackson. They went separate ways while Skai Jackson was still a young girl. After the split, Kiya took on the role of primary guardian for her daughter.

This change shaped their family life deeply, proving that families can thrive even through tough transitions.

Raising Skai as a single parent, Kiya showed what dedication and love can do. She made sure her daughter had everything she needed to succeed, from emotional support to opportunities in acting.

Their story highlights how strong bonds within a family can lead to extraordinary achievements outside the home.

Controversies and Challenges

Facing life’s hurdles, Kiya Cole stood strong through her parents’ separation. This personal battle tested her resilience and underscored the importance of family unity. Despite these tests, she chose to shield her daughter from public scrutiny.

Kiya stayed out of the limelight, dedicating herself to Skai Jackson’s career behind scenes.

Unconditional love is the backbone of our journey.

Kiya also faced off against misunderstandings in social media spheres, where words can spark widespread rumors. On platforms like Twitter and Instagram, celebrities often find themselves at the center of controversies without warning.

She navigated these challenges with grace, focusing on positivity and support for her daughter through thick and thin. Through it all—questions about parenting decisions or disputes with other social media influencers like Bhad Bhabie—Kiya never wavered in her commitment to Skai’s wellbeing and success.

Takeaways from Kiya Cole’s Life

Kiya Cole’s life teaches us a lot. Her journey shows the power of sticking by family and facing tough times head-on.

Dedication to Family

Kiya Cole put her daughter, Skai Jackson, first from the very start. She managed Skai’s acting career since she was just nine months old. This shows her deep commitment to her family’s well-being and success.

Kiya made sure Skai had everything she needed to thrive in Hollywood, a place full of challenges.

Her support did not waver, even when times got tough. After separating from Skai’s father, Kiya continued to provide love and encouragement. She helped Skai stay focused on her goals while also keeping her grounded.

Kiya’s role as both a mom and manager proves that with dedication, parents can guide their children toward achieving their dreams.

Persistence in the Face of Challenges

Kiya Cole has faced many challenges head-on. She managed Skai’s career and stepped into social media battles to protect her. This shows her strong will to overcome obstacles for her daughter’s success.

Kiya’s actions prove that she won’t back down, especially when it comes to Skai.

She keeps pushing forward, even when things get tough. Her dedication is a big reason why Skai Jackson shines today. Next up, let’s look into how all these efforts play a crucial part in parenting and guiding children towards their dreams.

The Importance of Parental Support in Child’s Success

Facing challenges head-on is a crucial part of life. But for children, the support and guidance from parents can turn these obstacles into stepping stones toward success. Kiya Cole showed this through her journey with Skai Jackson, offering not just love but also practical advice for navigating the entertainment industry.

She managed Skai’s career from when she was very young, demonstrating how critical a parent’s role is in their child’s achievements.

Parental backing does more than help kids reach their goals—it also keeps them grounded and focused. Kiya Cole’s approach involved being closely involved in Skai’s professional life while setting clear limits to protect her well-being.

This balance helped Skai flourish without losing sight of who she is outside her career. Parents like Kiya prove that success isn’t just about talent; it’s also about having someone to guide you, encourage your dreams, and stand by you through thick and thin.

Maintaining Privacy

Kiya Cole knows how important it is to keep things private. She stays off social media to keep her family’s life away from the public eye. This choice shows she values peace over fame.

Privacy for Kiya and her daughter, Skai Jackson, means keeping some details secret, like where they live or Kiya’s job. By doing this, Kiya teaches us that not sharing everything online can be a powerful choice.

She also gives advice to parents with kids who want to be stars. Protecting their privacy is key. Think before you post pictures or share stories on the internet. Ask yourself if what you’re about to share could affect your child’s safety or feelings.

Kiya believes in being careful with what you let the world see, especially when it comes to family matters. Following her steps can help other families stay safe and happy too.

Resilience and Strength

Facing life’s hard times, Kiya Cole showed her true power. She kept going when things got tough. This kind of strength helped Skai Jackson become a star. Kiya worked as a stylist for famous people and used her skills to help Skai shine too.

She never gave up, even when facing personal challenges like the end of a marriage.

Kiya’s example teaches us all about not quitting. Her love and support for Skai were solid walls that stood strong against any storm. She had smart tips for parents with kids dreaming of the spotlight—be there for them, set clear rules, and guide them with your actions.

Her journey shows how sticking by your family can turn dreams into reality.

Meet Skai Jackson Mom: Kiya Cole - The Woman Behind The Success (2024)


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